Solutions for private clients, corporates and funds are available globally. However, advisors and individuals will naturally wish to utilise these from a reputable well-regulated jurisdiction such as Jersey.

5 reasons why you should consider Jersey:


We’re proud to have our own elected Parliament and judicial system, bringing us stability and freedom of independence.

Tax neutrality

Jersey offers a clear, tax-neutral environment, allowing investors to work together more efficiently. They pay tax in their own countries and in those they invest in, without complex cross-border tax issues – and without being taxed twice.

Without places like Jersey, bringing many different investors together would be very difficult, with many investments and benefits being lost as a result.


To ensure the right tax is being paid, strong regulation is needed. Jersey’s strong regulatory framework sets it apart from other IFCs. Our framework is one of the strongest in the world,  designed to bring clarity and transparency to the world of finance.

We make certain that we know exactly where all the money in Jersey has come from and where it’s going. We then share that information with the relevant authorities and governments, working with them to ensure the tax due is being paid. This constant communication is vital to fighting financial crime and corruption.

As one of the best regulated IFCs, we have been acknowledged by independent assessments from some of the world’s leading bodies, including the World Bank and IMF, as well as scoring top marks from the OECD on tax transparency. We were also subject to a Mutual Evaluation by MONEYVAL in 2016 and found to be ‘compliant’ or ‘largely compliant’ with 48 out of 49 FATF Recommendations, the highest score amongst all states assessed.



Together with the many major financial services organisations that are based in Jersey’s capital, St. Helier, we employ almost a quarter of the local workforce. Over our 60-year history, we’ve developed a breadth and depth of products and services that sets us apart from other jurisdictions – offerings that’ll only grow in the future.

Legal system

Our legal framework provides vital support to our finance industry, making sure that we stay flexible and attractive for domestic and international markets.


Jersey facts

£131.5 billion

in bank deposits


21 March 2022

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£450.2 billion

net asset value of regulated funds under administration


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Jersey facts


of our overall Jersey funds business is in alternatives


19 March 2018

Jersey remains the ideal location for real estate investment structures

Jersey remains robust in the face of pressure and the industry continues to thrive, particularly for investment holding structures where real estate is a major asset class.

Jersey facts


highly skilled and experienced finance professionals working in Jersey


16 November 2020

Building on a solid foundation

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