When did you join the VG team?

I joined VG, then Volaw, in 1984 straight from school (Victoria College). I loved mathematics and geography – so accounting and travel is what I decided to pursue and started as a trainee accountant / messenger. Although, my first week at the company involved me traveling to Sark on a fishing boat to hand deliver a document – not exactly my expectation of travel, but it has improved a lot since then!

What attracted you to VG?

I and my family knew one of the partners and I was looking to follow my father’s footsteps in finance. The company was in the midst of being established and it gave me an opportunity to start at the bottom within a newly formed company with big expectations. At that time, many businesses were privately owned and whilst there have been changes, VG remains privately owned today when many have sold out to corporations or equity companies. This is an important reason for my continued attraction to VG; of course the bottom line and profits are important, but VG really cares about its team as individuals – we’re not just a number.

What does a day look like in your role?

Today, I manage a team of 5 within the Corporate (Real Estate and Islamic Finance) team. At the same time, I am also responsible for overseeing approximately 50 entities. My days are therefore busy, but very varied, and involves assisting my team with client requests, discussing options and pointing them in the right direction. My own managed client entities mainly fall under one middle eastern client; I oversee a number of properties and investments for them in Europe and North America which means I often travel.

What is the next step for you and how has VG supported your ambitions?

During my time at VG I have been lucky enough to hold a variety of roles; starting as messenger I then moved to inputter, book-keeper, accountant / accounts preparer, IT Manager, trainee/ junior / senior administrator, client relationship manager and now team manager.

When I started work in the 1980s, exams were not a requirement back then but of course that has changed. Whilst I haven’t taken any professional exams, the expansive knowledge and deep experience from the variety of roles I have undertaken at VG make up for it!

Having recently moved sideways from a client relationship manager role to my current role I am looking forward to developing the team; I hope to implement changes that will provide the team with opportunity for development and most importantly ensure that we provide our clients with the service they expect and pay for.

What is your favourite thing about life at VG?

Working with the same specific clients since the 1990s; I take pride in the part I have played building this longstanding relationship which has since become one of VG’s largest clients.

From an industry perspective, it’s been incredible to see the changes since 1984 (mostly for the better, but there were some things better in the old days!); during this time have met some great people (staff and clients) who will be long-term friends.

VG has taught me a lot and I have been able to explore (and become deeply experienced in) real estate, equity markets and Islamic finance.


Senior Corporate Administrator

Full time position application

Are you looking to advance or change direction in your finance career?  We are looking for a Senior Corporate Administrator who wants to progress to an Assistant Manager over the next two to three years. You will be overseeing a team of three, dealing specifically with one islamic corporate client structure holding real estate assets. This could be the role for you!

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