EBTs: A question of sport?

For anyone even remotely interested or involved in employee benefit trusts (EBTs), you would have to have been castaway on a remote island to miss this July’s Supreme Court judgement in favour of HMRC in relation to Glasgow Rangers Football Club.


VG Wins Recognition Again

VG Retains GIFA Best Islamic Trust Formation Services Award.


Innovation and Change in Islamic Finance

When I first visited Dubai on business in early 1996, the only completed tower block on Sheikh Zayed Road was the World Trade Centre Tower and the road itself was little more than a dual carriageway...

Trevor Norman, Director


Diversity and Having a Voice

What does diversity really mean in a business sense, who does it include and why is it important?

Claire Malkoun, Group Head of Business Development


Beyond Brexit - a Jersey view

Mark Hucker joined VG as its new Managing Director in January 2017. He reflects on his new position within Jersey’s fiduciary services industry, and the changes within the sector.

Mark Hucker, Executive - Strategy and Projects


When is a fund not a fund?

This may sound like the first line of a joke but in fact it highlights a very real question for the fiduciary sector about how to distinguish between private client services, corporate structures and funds and whether, in fact, it makes any sense to even try to do so.


Volaw Group rebrands and launches new logo

VG brand reflects heritage and journey forward.


Giving Trust a New Lease of Life

The concept of trust is tried and tested over centuries.

But the reasons for setting up trusts have subtly shifted over time with a greater emphasis on tax and fiscal planning or, to put it another way, as a means of removing certain obligations from the settlor (or other parties).

Simon Perchard, Director